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Half French (Champagne-Ardennes) and half Italian (Puglia), Nathalie Musardo grew up in the Lavaux vineyards and studied music in Geneva, before settling down in Zurich about 20 years ago.


Her various activities are articulated around the voice and the polyphony. Classical singing, French chanson, jazz, bossa nova... she likes to switch to the other side of the conductor’s stand to sing in a duo, an ensemble, or with her band The Blue Crew.


She probably owes to her parents’ roots her other passion: the arts of living, particularly coffee and champagne – and by extension the art of blending and mingling. Since "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts" (Aristotle), she transposes this inclusive practice into music by mixing styles, voices, people and genres.


2301 New Year's Jam.jpg

Gigs and jams are back, and so is The Blue Crew! Last spring we played meditative music at Church Neumünster, tropical grooves at Fête de la musique in Arenenberg, and finally got to organise our jam sessions again. More to come this year!

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My young choir PhoniXang is looking for new voices for varied projects (charity concert, church service and Fête de la musique with befriended Chœur Francophone de Zürich, multi-generational "Zäller Wiehnacht" and a theatre project). Rehearsals on Tuesday evening. 

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Having discovered Breathing Coordination and the incredible work of Robin De Haas, I now study therapeutic chanting, sound yoga, healing sound, singing bowls, overtone singing and other breathing techniques. Fascinating!



In memoriam Michel Corboz (14.02.34 - 02.09.21), who was already eternal by being alive. Incredibly expressive, exacting and excessive with his students and musicians, he often gave us a glimpse of Heaven in his deep interpretations of the sacred repertoire. The angels have probably reserved a special place for him with them, after such good service.



Nathalie Musardo‘s first instrument was the flute, which she still enjoys greatly. She also learned the guitar and the piano, but it is the human voice that fascinates her, with its subtle and powerful way of expressing emotions in music, but sometimes also of betraying one’s inner state. 


Every part of her work (concerts, rehearsals, tuition, arrangements, articles, communication) is an occasion to make young and old people discover the immense repertoire of vocal music.


To learn more about her repertoire, her taste for poetry, aesthetic, pedagogy, diversity, her sense of rigour and humour, see the different aspects of her work. 


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  • A singer, a band or a choir for your event?

  • A workshop or private lessons (voice training, choir conducting, solfeggio, French pronunciation)? 

  • An arrangement?

  • Musicological research (in French) for a concert program, an album, an article?

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